Wind Turbine Issues

To be clear, CORE is not against wind energy.  What does worry us is the production of wind energy too close to rural homes. Residents in many parts of the world who live in close proximity to turbines have complained of susbstantive negative health problems, and many have been forced  to abandon their homes. We are trying to prevent this from happening in Mulmur Township.

In 2006, Quebec-based, Eolectric proposed a turbine installation north and east of Honeywood.  Originally, the proposal might have been as many as 15 or 20 turbines, but Eolectric limited its request to 5 or 6 , to be installed in approximately 2007/08.  CORE monitored this application continuously.  We took the position that public consultation was insufficient both in terms of information provided, and in giving those affected residents adequate notice to attend meetings (Eolectric held meetings during the week, we believe with full knowledge that a substantial part of the Township population are weekend residents). Eventually, Eolectric submitted a “Notice of Completion” on December 15, 2008, providing just 45 days for public feedback to the Provincial Government, as then required under the rules for Environmental Screening.

On February 7, CORE held a meeting educating concerned residents about issues with the application.  Neighbours were encouraged to submit comments to the Ministry of Environment, and 41 residents did so.  CORE was successful in having the Ministry of the Environment advise Eolectric that it must conform to the most recent (October/08) noise standards, and not the earlier, weaker standards which it had previously claimed applied, and Environment Canada was highly critical of its avian study.  As a result, Eolectric withdrew its Notice of Completion and indicated it would be undertaking additional research concerning these matters.  Subsequently, the Green Energy Act was enacted and, like all of us, Eolectric is waiting for the regulations to be completed.