Ours to Protect

There are those who see Mulmur as a potential industrial opportunity because they recognize that the sparsely populated communities of North Dufferin County, and the resultant low tax bases, are vulnerable and easy targets for development.

The local township councils lack adequate financial resources to mount significant challenges to inappropriate rezoning proposals. As land use pressures intensify, we can’t depend on our governments to be in a position, on their own, to protect us.

Aggregate extraction is allowed in the Escarpment Area and on prime agricultural lands. Aggregate developments threaten farmlands, fish and other wildlife habitat, the water table, traffic safety and property values.

As Ontarians we owe it to our Province—to each other—to come together and oppose changes that will erode our heritage. As stewards of Mulmur, we have the responsibility of protecting this beautiful land so others, including our own children, can have the same opportunity to experience all the richness it has to offer.

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Gravel Pits will Change Us

The gravel pits that threaten Mulmur can alter our water table and ravage local aquifers. In a world where access to clean water is so hard to come by, this signals a blatant disregard for the resources and fortune that bless our land.

Our present issue of concern is Arbour Farms’ proposal for aggregate extraction on the east side of Airport Road, south of County Road 21. Arbour Farms has put forward an application for a license, Official Plan and zoning to permit “an above and below water table gravel pit” together with “importation, temporary storage and recycling of asphalt, concrete and brick” on 103-acres (41.7 hectares) – see Explanatory Note – (PDF).

We have continuously monitored this application since 2002, but Arbour Farms applications for both zoning and license to remove gravel are now both before the Ontario Municipal Board. A pre-hearing was held on July 8, 2015 and it is expected that a hearing date will be set for Spring 2016.

CORE shares the view of a growing number of concerned Mulmur residents, that, if this proposal is approved, there could be serious traffic safety implications on Airport Road, which is already one of the most dangerous roads in the Province.

Past Information

  • Pre-hearing next Wednesday on bid for large Mulmur pit July 2, 2015 - As featured in the Orangeville Citizen – Members of Conserve Our Rural Environment (CORE), a ratepayers’ organization that “monitors proposed land-use changes in Mulmur Township” will oppose the Arbour Farm aggregate application during a pre-hearing at the Township offices next Wednesday (July 8th). With a goal to ensure new developments are compatible with Mulmur’s rural environment, CORE believes… Read more