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ERT Panel Dismisses Appeal Against Dufferin Wind Power Project

13-070 BOVAIRD V. MOE Our appeal has been dismissed. ert-decision http://www.ert.gov.on.ca/english/decisions/index.htm

CORE’s ERT Hearing Begins Tuesday August 20, 2013

CORE: Case # 13-071 Week 1 – August 20, 21, 22 and 23; Week 2 – August 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30; Week 3 – September 3 and 4 (half day); Week 4 – September 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13; Week 5 – September 18 and 20; and Week 6 – September 24 (half day) and 25. These will take place at: Grace Tipling Hall, Grace, Theatre, 203 Main Street East, Shelburne, ON Time: 10:00 AM Full details at: http://www.ert.gov.on.ca/english/hearings/index.htm

REA Process Faces Charter Test in Shelburne

Environmental Review Tribunal schedules 19-day hearing in Dufferin (Core has been granted Party status at this hearing.) Will the province’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA) process pass a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms litmus test? Despite objection from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) has agreed to hear a constitutional challenge to the REA process in Shelburne next week. “That’s the big news. They’re willing to sit and listen,” said Dennis Sanford, president of Wind Resistance Melancthon. “Certain rights have been squashed or ignored through the whole (REA) process and ...

Dufferin Wind ERT Hearing Dates Set

CORE v. the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) Case number 13-071 In terms of the schedule, the parties gave a general estimate of the number of days that they estimate it will take to present their respective cases.  In light of the days available based on the input from the parties, the Tribunal is, at this point in time, prepared to schedule 19 hearing days, commencing on August 20, 2013, as follows: