STOP the Arbour Farms Gravel Pit on Airport Road

Mulmur Gravel Pit Threat
Your community needs your support.

Arbour Farms is aggressively pursuing a license to extract gravel and recycle imported material from its property on the east side of Airport Road just south of County Road 21. If this gravel pit is approved, it will result in the addition of possibly hundreds of gravel trucks per day to an already extremely dangerous traffic situation on Airport Road, in addition to noise, dust and other disturbances.

CORE, working together with other community organizations, stopped the Highland Farms Mega Quarry in 2012! With your help, we can STOP the Arbour Farms Gravel Pit!

Despite serious concerns expressed by Dufferin County residents, the Arbour Farms application has received sign off from most governmental agencies. Mulmur Township has not approved the Planning Act applications, and Arbour Farms has taken the fight to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Approximately 60 concerned residents, in addition to CORE, attended the OMB Pre-Hearing, held on July 8th, 2015, confirming a growing opposition to the Arbour Farms gravel pit. The OMB hearing is expected to take place early in 2016.

Your CORE board of directors is working with traffic and other consultants and lawyers to highlight the dangers in adding hundreds of gravel trucks to Airport Road and the serious deficiencies in the applicant’s traffic studies and studies related to noise, dust and other disturbances. This does not come without financial cost. All of your CORE board members and others in the community have donated and/or pledged to donate to support the effort to successfully oppose this application, but we can’t do this alone. We need your support now! We’re running out of time! But we can WIN this fight!

Your financial support is necessary to ensure that we are able to present the necessary technical evidence before the OMB to enable them to make the right decision and STOP the Arbour Farm gravel pit on Airport Road!

We need donations and have attached a Pledge Gift Agreement form for your consideration. This fight is going to be expensive and we need your support NOW!

For smaller donations, you may conveniently donate through PayPal here.

Talk to your neighbours, talk to your friends!

CORE Gravel Pit Threat

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