Confronting threats such as The Highland Companies’ plans for a Mega Quarry, The Arbour Farms Gravel Pit, and DWP’s 49 tower industrial wind turbine development has required that we retain lawyers, planning, environmental and government relations consultants and other subject matter experts.

Monitoring and opposing such threats is extremely costly.

Our community is at an important crossroads. If we want CORE to continue to act as a watchdog and guardian on behalf of our community then we need to expand our fundraising reach and we all need to pitch in financially and, where we can, through volunteer work.

Donations Make a Difference

Donating can help bring awareness and support to the cause of protecting Mulmur from those who seek to alter the makeup of our community. By donating, you’re helping us acquire legal representation to keep Mulmur’s fight alive in the courts. All donations are greatly welcome. To become a member of CORE a donation of $40.00 or greater is required.

How to donate and become member:

  1. Click the donate button below to access the CORE PayPal donation page
  2. Enter donation amount and complete the payment information (Please note: A donation of $40.00 or more is required to become a member)
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Stay Informed

We can ensure we’re all doing what we can to help Mulmur by staying connected to the latest news, events, and rulings.
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