CORE (Conserve Our Rural Environment) is an incorporated, not-for-profit, ratepayers’ group that monitors and challenges proposed land-use changes that could have an adverse impact on the quality of life in the Mulmur Township area.

Our aim is to ensure all new developments are compatible with Mulmur’s current agricultural, residential, and recreational uses—as well as its majestic beauty and peaceful environment.

When new issues arise, we endeavour to work with all applicable levels and agencies of government, regulators, and other organizations to achieve a positive outcome for our community.

We all value this magnificent area for the scenic beauty of the Niagara Escarpment, as well as its unique mix of agriculture, biodiversity and recreational opportunities. Mulmur is also part of a major watershed and the source of several important rivers that flow both north and south providing source water for over a million Ontarians as well as feeding and spawning grounds for fish and other habitat.

We’re a volunteer-based organization, and we need your voice and support to protect Mulmur.

Our mission is to preserve and protect the natural rural character, environment, and heritage of this beautiful part of Ontario.

Board Members

We are volunteer organization with a board that includes both part-time and full-time residents of Mulmur. Anyone can express interest in becoming a member of the board or a volunteer. Any resident or supporter of Mulmur, and CORE’s goals, can become a Member and help tackle emerging challenges. CORE is renewing its Board and moving to a formalized committee structure so that we can better deal with emerging challenges.

Robert Green (Chair)

Alistair Crawley

Bill Duron

Norm MacEachern

Graeme McPhail

Bob Macdonald

Jane Pepino

Norman Wolfson