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Mulmur Township is many things to many people—home and getaway, tradition, and future, opportunity and responsibility. It is a place that has endured beyond the shadows of skyscrapers, the lurch of congested roadways, and cookie-cutter development.

And yet, the community known and loved for its simplicity faces upheaval and disruption in the form of complex interests, development, and a systematic pillaging of resources.

Getting involved is the first step in standing up for Mulmur and conserving its rich heritage.

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Threats at our doorstep and in our backyard

Gravel pits and wind turbines are the most immediate threats to Mulmur. Stand up with us and help protect this township.

Learn more about how gravel pits can harm the region’s aquifers and ground water.

Find out how wind turbines can disrupt the environment and change Mulmur forever.